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MZ Check Hidden icon A practical and lightweight application that was developed to help you change your files' and folders' attributes with minimal effort

This program is no longer supported, but it can be downloaded and used with the limitations available on this page.

MZ Check Hidden is a user-friendly and intuitive software solution that aims to assist you in altering the attributes of various documents or directories from your computer, in just a few swift mouse moves.

Well-structured and approachable appearance

The application features a straightforward and quite accessible user interface, functioning much like a file explorer that allows you to browse through your system and select the objects you want to work with.

The main window of the program displays an ‘Explorer’ window, while on the ‘Selected Path’ section, you can view the contents of a folder in more detail. Various filters enable you to choose the items that you wish to display.

Effortlessly show, hide, archive or compress files and directories

For starters, you need to locate the objects whose properties you need to change, browsing through your computer and selecting the node or drive in the ‘Explorer’ panel. The files that it comprises are then listed in a dedicated window.

You can learn various ‘Selected Path Statistics’, such as the number of items in it, the amount of ‘Hidden’, ‘Read Only’, ‘Compressed’ or ‘Normal’ files and folders.

Optionally, you can choose what ‘To Show’, either ‘Show Hiddens’ or ‘Show All’, while also being able to separate files from folders and display them according to their type.

Modifying an object’s properties can be done either by right-clicking it and select the preferred setting from the context menu, or you by using the ‘Change Selected Item’s Attribute’ or the ‘Change Marked Items’ Attribute’ functions, as the top edge of the window.

A simple file attribute changer

In short, MZ Check Hidden is a useful and effective tool which you can resort to whenever you need to alter files’ attributes, allowing you to hide or show them, as well as set them as ‘ReadOnly’, so no one other than you can modify their contents.

Attribute changer Hide file File hider Hide Hider Attribute Changer

MZ Check Hidden was reviewed by Marina Dan

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MZ Check Hidden

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