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Justhideshow icon Hide specific files on your computer's local storage or remove the "Hidden" attribute from various items, with this simple utility

Justhideshow is a small application that can be used to hide files on your computer or reveal items that have already been hidden. It does this by modifying each file’s “Hidden” attribute, and it can only process one item at a time.

Simple tool that lacks any advanced features

In order to hide or reveal a file, you need to click the Browse button and navigate to its location on your hard drive. Drag and drop actions are not supported, which would have enabled you to modify files more quickly.

Justhideshow cannot batch process files, it does not log all actions so that you can view which items have been hidden, and it cannot even be used to hide or reveal folders.

Moreover, if you want to reveal files that have been hidden, the “Show hidden files, folders, or drives” option must be enabled in the Folder Options panel, as the application cannot display them otherwise. This means that the program is only really helpful if you need to hide various files from people logging in with other user accounts.

Unimpressive utility that has few actual uses

When it comes down to it, there is little reason for most people to use Justhideshow, as there are no scenarios we can think of when using this application would be easier than just accessing and modifying a file’s properties.

On the contrary, due to the fact that you need to navigate to each file, click the Hide button and then close the confirmation window, using this program is more time-consuming.

Furthermore, Justhideshow cannot process entire folders, which is something you can easily do from the File Explorer.

Straightforward program that does its job, but is not particularly useful

Overall, considering Justhideshow was designed to enable you to hide and reveal files on your computer, it has to be said that it does its job. However, it offers no additional functions that would compel you to use it for this purpose, as everything it does can easily be achieved by altering an item’s properties in the File Explorer.

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Justhideshow was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu

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Justhideshow 1.0 Beta

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