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HideMyFile icon A lightweight, yet handy utility that enables users to hide their files and folders inside a picture and transfer them safely, without worrying about data theft

Security of important info was always a concern, with various methods like steganography developed throughout the years, this one attempting to hide messages in pictures. This has evolved into a digital form as well. HideMyFile is proof, and allows you to secure just about any file inside a picture, so it can be safely transferred.

Simple visuals make it easy to use

The application skips you the whole effort required to go through a setup process, thus enabling you to carry it, and use wherever needed, directly from a thumb drive. Another consequence is that system registry entries don’t need to be modified to make the operation functional, thus not affecting system stability.

On the visual side of things, the window can feel a little confusing at first, with several different requirement fields, and little to no help, or descriptions to help you out. Loading target files is usually the first step, with the possibility to select one or more files, as well as the content of an entire folder.

Hide multiple files inside a picture

The key ingredient here is a picture file, which needs to be under the JPG, or JPEG format for a successful operation. This goes in the mask field. Note that you also need to specify an output image file in a custom location, with the corresponding extension automatically added.

In order to extract files, you also need to use the application, with no option to have an automatic extractor created, for safety reasons. Sadly, you can’t set the decryption to require password either. However, grabbing content only requires both image files, the original mask, as well as the one containing secret files.

On an ending note

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that HideMyFile wants to help you transfer sensible files over any means, by simply hiding them behind a picture. The application is also required for decryption, but portability is an advantage here, with the process itself easy enough to learn, and use.

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